The Home Depot

 Continuing awareness of the “Retool Your School” campaign

The Challenge

The Home Depot launched a campus improvement grant program called “Retool Your School” with the goal of maintaining and sustaining historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). However, the campaign didn’t feel culturally relevant or authentic and, therefore, wasn’t resonating with the target audience. As part of their long partnership, The Home Depot enlisted the help of one50one to run all the digital, social and website content related to the campaign in hopes of encouraging students, alumni and friends to vote for their HBCU. 


one50one freshened up the language used on social channels to grab the attention of digital natives and drive awareness, engagement and participation in the program. The website,, was promoted using the hashtag #HOMEDEPOTRETOOL. As awareness increased, so did participation and engagement across channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok, and voting was incentivized. The award-winning campaign is now in its 13th year, 12 of which have been with one50one at the helm.

Capabilities Used

  • Market research
  • Media buying
  • HBCU-relevant interest, keyword targeting and geotargeting 


52.6M impressions

up 65% from previous year

1.8M interactions

up 165% from previous year 

16K engagements

up 274% from previous year

25M consumers

outperforming all industry and Facebook platform benchmarks