Easing entry into the purchasing process and driving conversions of cable packages

The Challenge

Comcast is a name synonymous with reliable service for cable television, internet, telephone and wireless services for millions of people and businesses. However, Comcast’s Central Division did not have a unified social media presence and lacked a compelling way to connect with existing and potential customers online. We were tasked with easing entry into the purchasing process and driving conversions of Comcast Xfinity cable packages in three key markets: Chicago, Atlanta and Miami.


one50one established a strategy to develop a multi-platform social media campaign with on- and offline content that invited consumers to engage with the Comcast brand in ways that were both entertaining and educational. We executed this with the “Ty So Fast” campaign featuring Facebook videos and native, in-feed ads. one50one then targeted engaged customers with direct-response ads through Facebook and display ads using branded messaging and calls to action. This helped guide customers from awareness to conversion.

Capabilities Used

  • Paid social media
  • Social listening, monitoring and reporting
  •, plus Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages


165M impressions

93K clicks to the Comcast website


across seven social media channels

7,352 pieces of unique content created