Entertainment Partnerships

Star-powered reach

One of the keys to getting better results in any marketing program is to extend your message beyond your current followers. Partnering with culturally relevant music and media partners can help you get that reach.

Fortunately, one50one has connections to events, like One MusicFest and Funk Fest, and our founder is part owner of the Black Promoters Collective, which produces some of the hottest music acts today (Mary J. Blige and New Edition, to name a few).

Being authentic and culturally relevant is vital to today’s audiences, and we can help you forge the partnerships that will deliver your message where your audience gathers.

A legendary festival

one50one has been a partner with One MusicFest since its inception to not only grow the festival in terms of ticket sales and turn it into a destination event, but also to impact the local economy of its host city, Atlanta, Georgia.