Media Buying

Invest in proven conversion strategies

to achieve your marketing goals and think beyond a catchy tagline on repeat. Instead, let us help you to use our proprietary technique to build strong messages delivered at the right time for the right price.

Media buying with a scalpel

Once you’ve created amazing content, how do you get it out there and reach the right audience in the most cost-effective way?

Our unique, innovative approach and process we call Micro Paid Media. A combination of AI and machine learning back audience intelligence.

Relevancy is a vital part of successful paid advertising

Selecting channels and delivery methods that are relevant to your market is the key way you can avoid wasting your valuable budget dollars. This is especially true for the multicultural market. Members of this audience are sensitive to ads they see plastered everywhere or translated via an online tool into multiple languages. They trust ads they see on platforms they trust and are written specifically for them.

We’re constantly on the search for new technologies to leverage for you

Some of the hottest paid media trends for 2023 include machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) chat units, first-party data, influencer marketing, omnichannel marketing, and local targeting. These strategies can help you improve your campaigns and maximize your return on investment (ROI), but knowing when to pull in each tactic and where is part of the expertise your brand needs to create truly effective campaigns.

That’s where we come in.

A conversational unit developed for WABE
(Atlanta’s NPR station)

Italy-based Ducati is known around the world for its racing-inspired motorcycles with innovative designs and unique engine features. We were tasked with promoting Ducati’s two new models with the goal of closing the gap between qualified traffic and intent to purchase.

We empowered Ducati’s reach via programmatic (display, native,
adhesions, and top-scroll units) and meaningfully disruptive tactics using video via connected TV (CTV) and YouTube. This ensured targeted buyers were seeing the Ducati campaign multiple times as they traveled the digital landscape.