Marketing Research

The first step in effective marketing?

Knowing who you are talking to, the details of their lives, and what they care about is the first step in creating marketing that gets results.

Since our early days, data has served a major role in the way we do business.

By using the latest digital research and analysis tools, we can do deep initial audience research — we like to call ourselves digital anthropologists. This research informs our creative and strategic decisions. After a campaign’s launch, we continue to monitor audience behavior. Using that information, we learn to adjust and optimize our approach and tactics to achieve optimum results.

We’re also data tool nerds and love to keep up with the latest and greatest tools we can use for our clients.

Here are some of our current favorites.

Our data-driven approach starts with consumer research,

but we take it a step further into action by overlaying that data with your audiences’ cultural interests so we can find the intersections where your audience feels that you authentically understand their experience and where you can connect with them.

As the creator of the GRE General Test that is required by many — but not all — graduate school programs, ETS came to one50one with the goal of reversing the trend of schools going “test-optional” through the lens of historical mistrust and perceived bias in the multicultural community.

The first step was market research to find out what prospective test takers really thought.