How to Use Audio In Your Branding

Audio is so much more than a snippet of recorded music laid under your social media clip. Just like colors and fonts, associating consistent sounds with your brand can help solidify its feel and tone. Here’s why you should incorporate audio into your overall content strategy.

Instill reflection

Seasoned marketers know that every sense can be used to evoke powerful memories and emotions. Hotels have even gone so far as to include signature scents in their branding. But when your brand lives online, it’s the sound of the narrator’s voice and beat of the music that can transport your intended audience to your desired destination. Gen Z, for example, really connects with an upbeat dance vibe.

Define guidelines

A good content strategy dictates how the audience should feel while receiving the message. When interacting with your brand, your audience should know what to expect in terms of the imagery, content, and sounds. Adding audio guidelines to your brand strategy will guide your team on how to provoke the intended response from the audience.

Think enhancements

With updates like the ones recently released by Meta (longer clips, sound syncing, customizable templates, and voiceover and editing options), your audio message can be programmed to give your brand a tone that resonates with your intended audience. These seemingly subtle updates to social media platforms are geared toward content creators. While independent artists looking to get their big break can take advantage, so can corporate brands striving to deepen their connection with their customers.

Incorporate variety

There’s no one way to brand your audio. The sound associated with your social media clips can and should be tweaked regularly to match the environment and time the message is received. Use variety to your advantage if you’re going for an exclusive after-hours feel or laid-back weekend vibe.

The takeaway

Quite frankly, it’s not easy to create compelling content in 60 or 90 seconds — all the more reason to take advantage of the audio features offered by your choice social media platform. Audio is just another way to create additional ad units, ad space and ad inventory. Who knows? Your audio might even help a lesser-known artist get exposure, too.

What do you want your brand to sound like?

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