Has Instagram Become Oversaturated?

If you’ve been on Instagram since its beginnings just a few short years ago, it’s safe to say you’ve seen how its original purpose has drastically changed. Photos of your best friend’s baby have been swallowed up by sponsored posts from brands and recommended Reels from people you don’t even follow. Simply put, it’s not what it used to be. So what’s a brand or influencer to do? Here, we recap where Instagram has been in order to understand where it’s heading.

The backstory

To begin, it’s essential to understand what performance media is and how Instagram fits into that mold. The TL;DR is that every advertising dollar you spend should result in a measurable outcome. For companies spending money on Instagram, that’s clicks, ad views, and leads. As with all social media platforms, strategies are based on first-party data-driven solutions, third-party automation, and ongoing testing and optimization.

The comparison

A recent investment company Piper Sandler survey found that only 22% of teen respondents named Instagram their favorite social media platform, behind TikTok and Snapchat. (In light of its recent struggles, Twitter didn’t even make the chart.) Even so, there’s a difference between being on Instagram and actively engaging with it. A clear line has been drawn between those looking to connect with close friends and family and those seeking to profit as influencers.

The transformation

It’s only natural for a social media platform to evolve as users become more sophisticated. For instance, the introduction of Instagram Stories in 2016 was arguably inspired by Snapchat. For better or worse, a series of algorithm changes over the years has seen Instagram prioritize video and recommended posts over photos from friends, leaving businesses to reassess their marketing plans targeted toward the 18- to 29-year-old demographic.

The influencers

While Instagram may be less popular with the younger generation, it has also given rise to influencers who get paid for the content they create. Today, the content being prioritized is aimed at reaching a new audience rather than an existing one. According to industry standards, this by-product has led to lavish influencer-brand deals ranging from $100 to $100,000 per post.

The plan

To say the social media world is changing at a break-neck speed is an understatement. Only a professional marketing company can help brands use platforms like Instagram in a way that enhances their storytelling. After all, your time is better spent deciding where to allocate your budgeting dollars next.

What do you think is next for Instagram?

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