Expanding market reach through Red Star Access campaign

The Challenge

Heineken is easily recognizable with its signature green bottle emblazoned with a red star. However, the well-known lager maker wanted to expand its reach into the Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New York City and Philadelphia markets.


Heineken partnered with one50one to launch the Red Star Access campaign featuring Kanye West. one50one set the goal of achieving seamless integration through creative and media outlets. This included a custom digital, social, mobile (DSM) portal that offered a branded consumer experience across Facebook, laptop, tablet and mobile, in addition to event info and content. one50one instituted the “You In” teaser tagline with a direct call-to-action via web, SMS and direct link to drive consumers to, which was promoted through local radio stations, targeted digital advertisements and out-of-home placement.

Capabilities Used

  • Celebrity partnership
  • Earned media
  • Data capture
  • Mobile ticketing
  • On-site scanning
  • Video production and content development
  • Social engagement with consumers and talent


1M total page views


154M total impressions

17% over

planned final delivery, 23 million bonus impressions