4 Predictions for Marketing Trends in 2023

As 2023 approaches at breakneck speed, it’s time to pull out our crystal ball and consider which marketing trends we’ll see next year. While marketing — and social media marketing, in particular — is constantly changing, our team used their experience and the available data to make some educated guesses about what to expect. Here are some of our predictions for marketing trends in the coming year.

Web3 changes multicultural marketing

Web3 is a newish term used to describe the next evolution of the internet. Ideally, Web3’s decentralized blockchain technology will lower barriers to entry to create a more transparent and accessible internet. The result, in theory, eliminates big corporate gatekeepers and greed. As the world continues to struggle with racial divisions, gender inequality, threats to democracy, wars, and other issues, Web3 has transformed from “nice to have” to “must have.” The proof is in the pudding.

Television is back

Television advertising has changed drastically, to say the least. For the first 50 years, TV ads only reached those at home and watching their televisions at a certain time. Now, “TV” watchers view television content without being constrained by any particular time, platform, location, or device. As such, marketers must consider converged campaigns (linear TV, CTV, and digital video ads delivered via desktop and mobile) to understand cross-platform campaign performance better. As spending on converged TV ads grows in 2023, we predict ads with personalization will produce winning results for brands.

AI creates multicultural content

Artificial intelligence continues to amaze us as it changes the way words and pictures are created. But can a technology often criticized for lacking inclusivity be used to develop inclusive marketing campaigns? In a word, yes. For years, companies sent one message to everyone. AI allows brands to personalize content — a great way to emphasize each user’s unique look and culture.

Even better, AI can speed up production. Images are a crucial part of successful marketing campaigns. With traditional tools, even expert designers need time to create quality images. AI art platforms can create unique, quality images in seconds. Want a picture of a dolphin drinking soda? A polar bear driving a car? AI art can make it happen with the click of a cursor. The power of AI can be used to create diverse assets that challenge stereotypes and so much more.

Outsourcing creates better content

The channels for marketing content keep growing. Brands are struggling to find time to produce unique content for each channel and platform. As a result, they are hiring outside agencies and outsourcing to freelancers all over the world. These decisions not only allow brands to tap a new world of talent, but they also give brands another opportunity to bring a multicultural lens to the conversation, including culturally relevant music, content, and visuals. As Procter & Gamble Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard said in a recent LinkedIn post, “multicultural marketing is mainstream marketing” and “the biggest growth opportunity.”

What trends do you see making a splash in 2023?

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